Renovation / construction works of rail-bound infrastructure

Renovation Construction Renovation Construction Renovation Renovation
Reconstruction works of East-West metro line – surface track Délbuda-Rákospalota metro line 4 construction works phase I – construction of tunnel and surface (depot) tracks Miskolc urban tramway development Miskolc urban tramway development – line extension from Diósgyőr station to Majláth street Renovation of the signalling system and the related infrastructure with respect to the Budapest section of the Szentendre suburban railway line Szajol (excl.) – Püspökladány (incl.) railway line development
Reconstruction works of East-West metro line – tunnel tracks Szeged electric public transport development – reconstruction of tramway lines 1, 2, 3 Debrecen tram network development, construction works of line No. 2 Szentendre suburban railway line partial superstructure replacement between section Szépvölgyi road – Tímár street Budapest– Székesfehérvár railway line reconstruction of Tárnok (excl.) – Kápolnásnyék (incl.) and Dinnyés (excl.) – Székesfehérvár (excl.) line sections
East-West metro line reconstruction of ladder tracks at Fehér road depot Budapest, tram line 30 track renovation works – between Haller st. – Vágóhíd st. Superstructure replacement of tie plate fastened tracks on Gödöllő suburban railway line between section Hungaroring station – Mogyoród station Reconstruction works of Budapest – Kelenföld railway station
Budapest, tram line 24 renovation works on the sections Festetics st. – Fiumei road and Orczy road – Nagyvárad square – Balázs Béla st. Gödöllő suburban railway line renovation between section Kerepestarcsa – Szilasliget Reconstruction of Budapest – Kelenföld (excl.) – Székesfehérvár (excl.) line section
Kőbányai road tramway track renovation on the section between Mázsa street and Liget square



Expressways National main roads Urban roads Cycle path
Construction works of Motorway M6 section between 22+150 – 76+200 km and Motorway M8 section between 5+750 – 10+300 km Construction works of the main road No. 4 Kisújszállás bypass on the section between 140+500-151+850 km Debrecen, construction of Borzán Gáspár street bus turn and the related roundabout at junction Borzán — Diószegi — Gizella streets Management of road and cycle path investments by Komárom City in 2008
Construction of Motorway M6 between section M0 – Érdi tető Main roads No. 31-32 Jászberény bypass section phase II construction of section between 0+000-2+695 km Romania, rehabilitation of Arad – Gradiste crossing
Construction of Expressway M9 between main roads No. 51 and 54 (section 19+00 – 31+300 km) Romania, rehabilitation of Arad – Micalaca crossing
Romania, Arad – renovation of Arad County Old historical center
Romania, Arad – renovation of Arad County Old historical center
Győr, renovation works of Kazinczy street, Czuczor street, Csillag alley
Tatabánya, reconstruction of Szent István road phase I
Budapest, district 4, construction of 2×1 traffic lane on Szilágyi street, section between Fóti road and Görgey Artúr street
Szeged, installation of decorative surface coating at Anna fountain
Győr, public utility pre-development and road works of Erfurti street
Győr, public utility pre-development and road works of Zöld street


Civil engineering and building constructions Public-utility works
Délbuda-Rákospalota metro line 4 construction of Kelenföld metro station Implementation of the sewage disposal of Érd and environs
Délbuda-Rákospalota metro line 4 construction of the Depot
Miskolc, development of the urban tram network – reconstruction of the vehicle repair hall and covered depot
Implementation of the underpass with 2×2 traffic lanes and the related road network on the Tihanyi road – Gárdonyi Géza road line in Győr


Consultancy works

  • East-West metro line renovation – Providing engineering consultancy services
  • Győr-Gönyű National Public Port development of intermodal transport connections
  • Performing consultancy services in the KIOP project of Érd during the implementation of investments for the construction of railway structures, roads and buildings
  • MKB Bank Metro line 4 contract no. Co-08 – Construction of tunnel and depot tracks. Performing Project Technical Consultancy Services.
  • Engineering consultancy and technical expert services within the framework of the project management activities in the “Szeged electric public transport development” project No. KÖZOP-5.2.0-07-2008-0002


Design works

  • Performing design works for the renovation of Szolnok railway junction, and supervising and revising, as necessary, the approval designs for the construction, as well as preparing the execution and tender drawings of the Szolnok (excl.) – Szajol (excl.) line section
  • Preparation, update and structural coordination of railway traffic phase plans for line section Piliscsaba (excl.) – Esztergom (incl.)
  • Preparation of the feasibility study and the approval design for Hatvan (incl.) – Miskolc Tiszai railway station (excl.) line section
  • Preparation of pre-approval designs and execution drawings of AS919 and AS26 barriers within the framework of the approval design for the cycle path crossing to be established at section 19+32,35 on Püspökladány – Szeghalom railway line No. 128
  • Drawing up tram-train design instructions
  • Performing tasks relating to the approval for the continued use of BKV Zrt.’s (Budapest Transport Privately Held Corporation) railway lines
  • Renovation of Záhony area broad-gauge hauling track network – Preparation of tender documentations
  • Performing design control of the approval designs for the modernization of tracks and installation of electrical signalling system on Mezőzombor-Sátoraljaújhely line
  • Motorway M6 design phase II preparing demolition plan and acquiring the demolition approval for the dirt road crossing at section 180+08 hm of the MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) Szekszárd – Bátaszék railway line
  • Revision of the train operation survey and construction schedule of Kelenföld railway station
  • Revising the approved design for Rákospalota-Újpest railway station and preparation of the schematic drawings for the Bp. Nyugati railway station –Déli railway station tunnel
  • Independent engineering services relating to obtain permits for the continued use of BKV Zrt. suburban railway lines (Ráckeve, Csepel, Szentendre, Gödöllő)
  • Design works of Székesfehérvár (excl.) – Boba (excl.) railway line
  • Design works relating to Budapest – Székesfehérvár, Tárnok – Kápolnásnyék and Dinnyés – Székesfehérvár line sections
  • Survey of slots and preparation of soil mechanics expert opinions on Gyoma – Békéscsaba railway line
  • Szajol – Mezőtúr MÁV line excavation works
  • Feasibility Study for the preparatory investigation of a narrow gauge rail connection between Nagycenk Széchenyi Mansion and Fertőd Eszterházy Mansion for tourism purposes


 Supply contracts


  • Determining the most advantageous, appropriate form of funding for the municipality, defining the procedure for the selection of funding organizations and conducting the procurement procedure according to it in order to implement the underpass with 2×2 traffic lanes and the related road network planned on the line Tihanyi road – Gárdonyi Géza road in Győr.
  • Preparing the public procurement documentation and participation in the public procurement procedure for credit granting services in order to implement the planned road modernization, pavement renovation, track reinforcement (altogether 35 pcs), bridge renovation (altogether 4 pcs) investments planned for the period of 2006-2007 by the City of Győr.

Vehicle purchase

Trolley Tram Industrial vehicles
Tram and trolley procurement relating to “Szeged electric public transport development” project No. KÖZOP-5.2.0-07-2008-0002 Development of the urban tram network of Miskolc – procurement of 31 newly manufactured tram vehicles and the supply of items necessary for their operation as well as the related services. Tornyos, procurement of overhead catenary repair car
Procurement of 100 % low-floor trolleybuses relating to the project on Budapest tram and trolleybus vehicle development phase I Engineering supervision of “Debrecen tram network development (line No. 2)” major project No. KÖZOP-5.2.0-07-2008-0001- procurement of 18 tram vehicles UNIMOG procurement
Tram and trolleybus procurement relating to “Budapest tram and trolleybus vehicle development phase I” project Tram and trolley procurement relating to “Szeged electric public transport development” project No. KÖZOP-5.2.0-07-2008-0002 Metro, procurement of special vehicles


Implementation of the new Motorway M3 junction intended for access to Mogyoród and Fót and implementation of the section between the junction and road No. 2101 – Performing engineering tasks

Performing independent engineering and technical inspection tasks under the agency contract relating to 2×2 lanes extension of the section between Budapest – Vác (section 176+535 – 37+150 km) of the Expressway M2 and construction of a road link between Dunakeszi North junction and main road No. 2

Implementation of Szeged – Hódmezővásárhely tram-train system, expert tasks in support of the management of rail construction works

Drilling of Ráckeve (Soroksár) Danube branch and its side-branches, construction and reconstruction of structures.

Design and contruction works of Mezőzombor – Sátoraljaújhely railway line congestion replacement and electrification.

Performing technical expertise and technical inspection tasks relating to bicycle and public transport development projects (Szeged).

Engineering and technical inspection tasks required for the construction works of Csorna II – Sopron East – Fertőrákos junction – Sopron border sections of expressway M85.

Preparing technical designs and performing the related activities for the preparation of establishing a 55 cm high passenger platform at Kapuvár and Fertőszentmiklós stations.

Preparing approval designs and execution drawings for the electrification of Szombathely – Kőszeg railway line No. 18.

Rákos (excl.) – Hatvan (excl.) railway line modernisation (engineering tasks).

Technical inspection services relating to the implementation of the project on ”Transport development in Nagykanizsa” carried out at the expense of the appropriation “Regional infrastructural developments”.

“Budapest tram and trolleybus vehicle development phase II” and “Budapest trolleybus vehicle procurement and the related infrastructure development”

Construction works of “Zsuzsi” Erdei Vasút Nonprofit Kft. railway line renovation

“Sorosksári road, Pápay I. street replacement of track connection and establishment of delta tracks at Haller street” – projectmanagement, technical inspection tasks, engineering consultancy and service

“Providing electrical engineering expertise relating to “Heavy rail catenary lines”

“Preparing route books”

“Providing railway signalling expertise”

“Providing engineering expertise relating to railway tracks”